University Startups Professor Saleema Vellani Presents at the United Nations 2020 Hub Expo in Dubai

Saleema Vellani, award-winning entrepreneur and Johns Hopkins University professor, teaches a college-level start-up design course at University Startups, an organization focused on creating pathways for success in school and beyond. "It was an honor to share my insight on my author journey alongside an entrepreneur who seeks to increase their influence and impact," says Saleema during the United Nations 2020 Hub Expo in Dubai. This is where she candidly spoke with author and entrepreneur Hanane Benkhallouk regarding the importance of collaboration, innovation, self-awareness, empathy, storytelling, and active leadership in order to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges. 

Saleema’s impact has indeed been felt worldwide. Not only has Saleema led 100+ international organizations and nonprofits to their next stage of growth and innovation, she is also the founder and CEO of Ripple Impact, a business accelerator for entrepreneurs seeking to increase their influence and impact. There is no better place than University Startups to become a ripple that impacts the future. Join Saleema, the author of Innovation Starts With I, as she teaches the college-level startup design course by University Startups that uses the Lean Startup methodology of new venture development to teach students how to start a for-profit social impact company. For more information visit: .

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