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Empowered by a social and inclusive entrepreneurship mindset

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University Startups helps high school students and their communities thrive by teaching an entrepreneurial mindset

Gain valuable business-building skills, access to college prep courses and internship opportunities
Train learners through a turnkey, virtual program that provides transferable skills for any career
Provide learners with a unique and enriching educational experience by partnering with University Startups.
Align your curriculum with the latest content and skills being taught in top tier universities. We Coach teachers, create curriculum and work with your team to build award-winning programs

What is University Startups?

A transformational learning process that creates pathways for success, in school and beyond. We give students and life learners access to college preparation, internships, experience, and new career opportunities through a social and inclusive entrepreneurship-focused program featuring professors from top-tier business schools.

What We Stand For

Through our program, students launch a social impact venture, building life-long career skills
We’re committed to opening doors to better prepare students for college, internships, careers, and life
Beyond the classroom, we broaden students’ minds by making valuable contributions to nonprofits and the community.
“This program was different than other ones I participated in because it sets a high standard for us, and pushes us to get out of our comfort zone.”
-Student, June 2021 Program

“I'm glad that I took the course because it's great that I was able to experience a more challenging and intense program. I also learned about the smaller details of starting a business and creating a product.”

-Student, June 2021 Program

“This program was the best thing I’ve actually done and accepted the ups and downs through. So I would love to do more programs like this.”

-Student, June 2021 Program

“The professor, TA's and mentors were definitely there to guide us along the way...I liked that because it makes me more confident to know that I can plan a business with a team without the direct assistance of a teacher.”

-Student, August 2021 Program

“This course is different from other courses because it allows you to work in a team all day and grow together. The disagreements we had grew into better ideas and I have never experienced that in a different program.”

-Student, August 2021 Program

Why University Startups

The only Entrepreneurial Mindset program with augmented modules to support college acceptance and career skill development
Designed by professors from leading universities, combined with advice from expert college counselors, essay writing coaches and machine learning engineers
Partnerships with nonprofits and foundations to provide the links for funding and mentorship

Results from University Startups Students

feel more hopeful about future possibilities
feel more prepared for college
feel more confident in their abilities

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