Charting Success: University Startups and Marc Steren Spotlighted in Bethesda Magazine

See University Startups and Marc Steren spotlighted in Bethesda Magazine

University Startups continues to have an impact within the startup community and is recognized by Bethesda Magazine. This feature underscores University Startups’ dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and driving forward-thinking solutions. Bethesda Magazine highlighted University Startups Co-Founder, Marc Steren, and his influential role in the Bethesda area in “5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know”.

Marc Steren’s recent feature in Bethesda Magazine shines a spotlight on his journey as a serial entrepreneur and his pivotal role as the CEO of University Startups. With a career spanning decades and a passion for innovation and educating others, Steren offers insights into his entrepreneurial commitment and spirit. Read Bethesda Magazine Feature 

Bethesda Magazine's feature provides insights into Marc's journey, underscoring his dedication to creating impactful solutions and improving the lives of others. Steren, University Startups Co-Founder, is quoted in the article, stating, “Entrepreneurship teaches you empathy. It teaches you to listen; it teaches you to get feedback.” This thinking drives the mission of University Startups to help low-income students to build personalized pathways to college and career success. 

About University Startups: Founded in 2020, University Startups is committed to creating opportunities for students and lifelong learners to expand their worlds beyond a traditional curriculum. The organization empowers students by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, which helps students to think creatively and find ways to translate their passions into real-world experiences. Whether students want to start a business, attend college, or find a job, University Startups uses proprietary instructional courses and groundbreaking technologies to get them there. Expert instructors from top-tier universities design all classes.  

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