University Startups is Helping Student Entrepreneurs Build Businesses at Bowie State University

Washington, DC, July 31, 2023: University Startups (USU) has partnered with the Bowie State University (BSU) Entrepreneurship Innovation Center to launch the Building Businesses @ BSU program. 

After a competitive application process, 30 students at Bowie State University were selected to participate in the Accelerator Boot Camp to develop their business ideas and hone their entrepreneurial skills. By the end of the January program, 90% of students felt confident in their abilities to run a business. 

“We are thrilled to announce the partnership between Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and the University Startups to launch the Building Businesses @ BSU program,” said Johnetta Hardy, executive director of the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center. “This initiative is designed to empower young entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and support necessary to transform their ideas into successful businesses.  We are proud to have witnessed the creation of over $3,800 of revenue and the acquisition of 190 new customers across the cohort. The Building Businesses @ BSU program is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential of young entrepreneurs to drive innovation and economic growth here at BSU." 

Arianna Redmond, a sophomore nursing major, launched a business called Tony’s Kitchen and Bakery. Redmond’s father was an entrepreneur and shared his passion for cooking with her before he passed away in 2021. Redmond felt compelled to continue his legacy of entrepreneurship and their shared love of baking. 

"As a growing entrepreneur, the Accelerator Boot Camp is teaching me the mindset, the steps needed, and the fundamentals of launching my own business," Redmond says. 

USU expert instructors taught the students a comprehensive curriculum using lean startup methodology, building prototypes, and interviewing customers for market research. As a result, over $3,800 of revenue was generated by these business ventures, bolstered by the acquisition of more than 190 new customers across the cohort. 

The Boot Camp culminated in a Pitch Competition, where participants received feedback from experienced entrepreneurs on their presentation skills and overall business ideas. Raymond Green, coordinator for the Building Business @ BSU program, instilled his mantra for success in the students: “Move the needle one inch every day.”

Following the conclusion of the Boot Camp, the SCEOs (Student CEOs) will continue to receive one-on-one business coaching from the entrepreneurial ecosystem at USU. 

To learn more about how University Startups helps build entrepreneurial ecosystems, contact

About University Startups: 

Founded in 2020, University Startups is committed to creating opportunities for students and lifelong learners to expand their worlds beyond a traditional curriculum. The organization empowers students by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, which helps students to think creatively and find ways to translate their passions into real-world experiences. Whether students want to start a business, attend college, or find a job, University Startups uses proprietary instructional courses and groundbreaking technologies to get them there. All classes are designed by expert instructors from top-tier universities. For more information on University Startups programs, please contact Marc Steren at

About Bowie State University’s Entrepreneurship Innovation Center:

At Bowie State University, entrepreneurial education is of utmost importance. Their goal is to produce graduates who are ready to be problem solvers within a workplace and those who are ready to begin their own course by launching business ventures. The Entrepreneurship Innovation Center (EIC) collaborates with various academic classes and co-curricular experience across their campus and in their community. Providing state of the art facilities, experiential learning and a robust curriculum makes Bowie State University a powerhouse for innovation and bold thinking.

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