University Startups Announces Steve Mariotti and Byron Garrett Join Board of Advisors

University Startups has added two incredible additions to its board of advisors. Joining the board are Steve Mariotti and Byron Garrett, both nationally renowned youth educators, authors and entrepreneurs. 

Steve Mariotti is the founder of Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a social entrepreneur and youth educator. He is an inductee in the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame and an author of 29 books on entrepreneurship. After teaching in some of the toughest schools in New York, Mariotti developed programs to bring entrepreneurial education and opportunities to at-risk high school students. He has received numerous awards in this field. Mariotti’s expertise will add immeasurable value to the growth of University Startups.

“I have been teaching entrepreneurship to young people for 34 years and I am more convinced today than ever that learning entrepreneurship is a critical life skill,” says Mariotti.  “The entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids about critical thinking and ownership which empowers them to solve their own problems, have grit and be in control of their own destiny. It’s the kindest thing you can do for somebody,” says Mariotti.

Byron Garrett is President & CEO of the National Job Corps Association and Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA), a non-profit dedicated to transforming education through meaningful family engagement. The former Director of Educational Leadership & Policy for Microsoft, Byron serves as a consulting author for Scholastic. 

University Startups entrepreneur programs are a passport to success! You can learn skills like resilience, collaboration and how to build connections that translate to real world successes. This fabulous program teaches young people what they are not getting in school, a mindset that unlocks creativity and can transform their lives.” says Garrett. 

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Mariotti and Byron Garrett to our Board of Advisors. We are excited for their knowledge and support of University Startups rapid expansion to youth populations nationwide,“ remarked Marc Steren, University Startups co-founder. 

About University Startups: Founded in 2020, University Startups is committed to creating opportunities for students and lifelong learners to expand their worlds beyond a traditional curriculum. The organization empowers students by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, which helps students to think creatively and find ways to translate their passions into real-world experiences. Whether students want to start a business, attend college, or find a job, University Startups‘ platform of proprietary courses, advanced learning technologies and an active student online community will get them there. All classes are designed by expert instructors from top-tier universities.

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