Prince George’s Community College: Find Your Dream Job with University Startups Employment Search Program

University Startups announced a partnership with Prince George’s Community College to provide its students with a virtual, engaging program called Employment Search. The impactful program provides students with a collection of tools and resources that help students identify, prepare for, and land high-value employment opportunities, including internships. 

At Prince George’s Community College, students take part in a superior, affordable education that prepares them to be competent and skilled members of the workforce and society.UniversityStartups will further prepare students to achieve this goal through an increased confidence in finding a job, increased preparedness for job applications and interviews, and writing skills.

The program will create pathways to three specific job verticals: nursing, IT, and guest services. It will allow PGCC students to find opportunities to further their professional careers in socially impactful and responsible fields.

“Prince George’s Community College is preparing for a transformation in education.  As we design new ways to deliver training that is flexible, adaptable, and accessible, University Startups has become a major part of this journey.  Their online, self-paced, and competency-based employment readiness and search program is a game-changer!  Incorporating it into our micro-pathways helps us connect learners with employers and job opportunities,” said June Evans, Director of the Center for Innovation &Entrepreneurship at PGCC.

The University Startups program, designed by professors from top-tier business schools, pushes Prince George’s Community College students to actively prepare for their future and professional career. 74% of students who took part in the UniversityStartups program said they felt more hopeful about their future possibilities after completing the course.

 “We are so excited to be working with Prince George’sCommunity College and contribute to their community,” said Tremain Davis, SVP of Community Partnership and facilitator at University Startups. “I have no doubt that the program will be a transformational and impactful experience for the participants.”

About University Startups: Founded in 2020, University Startups is committed to creating opportunities for students and lifelong learners to expand their worlds beyond a traditional curriculum. The organization empowers students by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, which helps students to think creatively and find ways to translate their passions into real-world experiences. Whether students want to start a business, attend college, or find a job, University Startups uses proprietary instructional courses and groundbreaking technologies to get them there. All classes are designed by expert instructors from top-tier universities.

About Prince George’s Community College: Founded in 1958 and located in Maryland, PGCC provides affordable, high-quality learning experiences that support personal, professional, and educational development for diverse populations. The College prepares students to be competent and skilled members of the workforce all while contributing their time and talents to the community in meaningful ways.


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