University Startups Improves Entrepreneurial Mindset in HS Students

University Startups Improves Entrepreneurial Mindset in High School Students

An entrepreneurial mindset is the secret sauce to entrepreneurial success. Students with an entrepreneurial mindset can identify and capitalize on opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. Top colleges and high paying employers are looking for these skills.

In a study conducted in January - March 2021, we assessed our students before and after our course using a scientifically validated survey to measure changes to their entrepreneurial mindsets.

  • Surveys reported large increases in student self confidence, creativity, and execution.
  • Increases were also seen in passion, independence, and the ability to manage risk.

With a focus on teaching high school students, University Startups is now the only program in the world to guarantee a measurable improvement in entrepreneurial mindset or we offer a free course valued at $1,899.*

Learn more and register at Use code MINDSET** for $100 off through May 7th. Seats are limited.

*Free Course Offer Rules & Requirements

**Discount will be credited after payment. Allow 3-5 days for processing.

Students must attend all classes and pass the course with a grade of B (85%) or better.

Students must complete mindset surveys before and after the course.

Offer valid only if no measurable improvement is recorded on surveys and coursework evaluations.

Final assessment will be made by University Startups.

If applicable, a student is entitled to a free course of the same or equal price to the course taken.

Free course offer is good for 6 months after initial course, not transferable.

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