University Startups Named a 2022 NOVA Chamber Mid-Atlantic Innovation Finalist

Each  year the awards program showcases the Region’s greatest and most creative minds at work! The Chamber calls for members to answer "What does innovation mean to business?"

The NOVA Chamber judges a business as an innovator in many ways but the businesses all solve needs to create shifts and make a positive business impact.  University Startups submitted an entry and a video of Founder and Co-CEO Marc Steren sharing the innovative ways we create opportunities for students and life learners to expand their minds beyond traditional curriculum by teaching an entrepreneurship model. We also provide new pathways to college and the workforce through access to college preparation, internships and career opportunities to youth in communities who previously did not have these options. 

Mid-Atlantic Innovation Celebration Awards were held on May 12 at the AMC Movie Theater in Tysons Corner, VA. NOVA Chamber hosted a cocktail and appetizer reception followed by the  awards ceremony in a movie theater. The celebration included popcorn, candy as well as screening each of the finalists videos on the big screen! 

The awards ceremony unveiled  the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Innovators of the Year and after viewing all the finalists, awards were given in  multiple categories. Although University Startups didn’t win in the Education category, we were thrilled and honored to be a finalist among amazing innovators. We will definitely continue to innovate and contribute to the Mid-Atlantic Innovation community. 

Until next year…

To read the whole Press Release, please click here

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